Services have a responsibility to ensure that CCS payments made to them are passed on to the person who is entitled to them.

There are several steps you can perform to verify that CCS payments are being correctly transferred to the parents’ accounts.

1) Parent Statements

Send out statements regularly - at least every 2 weeks.

2) Trial Balance Report

Even if you are not exporting general ledger posting files you can use the accounting extract to generate a trial balance. The top line of the the trial balance rolls up all fees and payments. Check the net receivables less any ISS/Other payments in a period are equal to the change in balance owing over that date. Make sure that you determine the starting balance for the period by running a balance owing report for the day BEFORE the period.

3) CCS Remittance Report

Compare the amounts advised by CCS through SmartCentral in the remittance report with the amounts paid into your bank account.


1) Parent Accounts

Compare the change to parent balances with the CCS payment received.

  • Run a balance owing report for the Sunday [B1]
  • Run a payment report Mon-Sat [P]
  • Run a misc fees report Mon-Sat [M]
  • Run a balance owing report for Sat [B2]

The changes in balance owing should equal Payments - Misc Fees for that week since attendance fees are attributed on the last day of the CCS week , Sunday.

[B2] - [B1] = [P] - [M]

2) Attendance Detail

If you or a parent have concerns about a CCS payment:

  • Compare the SmartCentral remittance report totals with the remittance advice sent directly from CCS.
  • Review the live transaction history to see if the CCS payment shown in the remittance report has been correctly allocated to the parent account.
  • Check the session subsidy screen to compare the amounts paid to service with the amounts in the live transaction history and on the CCS payment report. Parents can also access this information from the live link on their statement. This also shows any payments to the individual.

Note: Payments are show in the session subsidy screen as soon as they are calculated whereas payments aren’t credited to the parent account until CCS advise clearance. Clearance may take 1-2 business days normally however there may be extended delays if CCS does not have a valid bank account on file for your centre.