SmartCentral provides several different ways to register or update family information and the one most appropriate for you will depend on how much information you already have in SmartCentral and how much of the typing you want to do yourself.

  1. Fully Manual

You can just enter all the parent and child details , enrolment and booking information yourself. You can also update all information this way if you really want to.

Use this method if your parents aren’t able go online or you just love to kill trees with paper application forms. :)

  1. Link to web profile

Provide a parent with a link to your SmartCentral web profile. Parents can create an account (basically an email address and a password) and then start, fill in and submit an application form. The same account they use to submit the application form will provide them access to enrolment , statement and transaction information once you approve the application.

Use this method as a way to get parents to register if you need to broadcast to a large group of potential parents many of whom wont be registering. This is common for OSHC services who include the link on the school website or in the school newsletter.

  1. Send Invitation

Enter some minimal details into SmartCentral and use the ‘Create Account’ function to start the parent off. The parent will have a portal account created and will receive an email with instructions about what to do next.

Use this method if you don’t mind typing in a few details (name , email address , phone), you prefer the parent to receive an individualised email and for you to be able to track their progress immediately. Commonly used as part of a ‘new enrolment’ process where the parent comes into the centre for a chat and a ‘look see’. Once you and the parent are comfortable to proceed you enter the details in SmartCentral and off you go. Also very common in a by invitation situation such as childcare centres attached to universities.

  1. Re Enrolment

This method is the most time efficient for parent and centre but can only be used if you have an enrolment recorded in SmartCentral to start with. Even an exited enrolment record will do so its perfect for returning families or to reconfirm details for children coming back for the new year or the next vacation period etc (you know - re-enrolling :) ).

Its also a very effective way of getting your child and parent details updated as part of a migration process. It works a treat, parents are introduced to the portal and you end up with completely up to date information about child contacts, medical etc. you can run this in bulk or for selected or individual parents all from the parent list screen. Tick at least one parent and the button will appear. Remember if a previous parent has no current enrolments they will appear under the ‘Not enroled’ list.

This process gathers up the current information and pre-fills an application form (as much as it can) and sends that to the parent. They need to complete any missing sections and/or update changed information and send it back.

Use this whenever possible !!!