SmartCentral controls who can do what based on assigning Roles. Every person who uses SmartCentral has a user account that they use to log in with and then the system presents them with menus based on their role within the system. There are 6 levels of role within the system.

  1. Public
  2. Parent
  3. Educator / General Staff
  4. Admin
  5. Delegated Admin
  6. Authorised User

User Roles


This is the lowest level access that everyone starts with by default when their account is first created. This allows you to search for services and fill out and submit an application and respond to requests in relation to your appliciation.


Once an application is approved the account that submits it is linked to the service and the user can now access online balances and statements. They can also submit updated details.

Staff (General Staff / Educator)

A user account can be attached to a service through the People > Staff screen by entering the email address used to create their intial account and assigning a role (Staff / Admin). The Staff role is design for Educators responsible for the direct care of the children.

They can access daily rolls and child details such as medical and emergency contact information for parent and nominees. The account can be detached from the service at any time which will revoke its extra access and return it to a parent or public account as appropriate.


A user account that has been attached to a service with Admin rights can access both child and parent information and all reports. Essentially they can perform most functions within the system that don’t involve sending information to CCMS. They can be switched between Staff and Admin roles if needed or revoked.

Admin with delegation

Ultimately the Authorised User is legally responsible for the data submitted to CCMS. However they are permitted to delegate sending enrolment and attendance information to another person but take responsibility for ensuring they only do so if that person has the skills and training to do it properly. An Admin with delegation is therefore given access to the various CCMS Submit functions.

To become a Delegated Admin you must first be attached to the service as an Admin.

Authorised User

An Authorised User is a person who has been nominated to CCMS as being responsible for the operation of the service and the accuracy and truthfulness of the information provided. In order to do so they must delegate their registered email to their personnel ID that is authorised to submit to CCMS.

An ‘Authorised User’ has authority to make changes both to attendance and enrolment information. but also details about the service including hours of operation and financial information, and submit these changes to CCMS.

It is possible to be an Authorised User without being an Admin with delegation but there is little to be gained from it as the Authorised User is fully responsible for all the data and therefore in practice they will have dual fucntions.