SmartCentral supports a number of process scheduler options to automate routine processes. The scheduler is accessed from its own tab under Account > Org Setup


  • Using the scheduler is completely optional. You can always end date your schedules at any time if you want to revert to fully manual control.
  • The scheduler runs overnight on the night you select.

These options can be used individually or in combination. Where it makes sense the options can use parent tags and filters to selectively apply the action to a group.

Supported Schedules

  1. Submit Attendances

  2. Send Statements

  3. Submit Direct Debit Batch

  4. Create Fee Projection

Recommended Schedules - Weekly Cycle

For centres billing weekly. Below is a suggested schedule for a centre running on a weekly billing cycle. This is our recommendation but you can adjust it to your particular needs

Submit Attendances

Schedule your attendances to be submitted weekly on a FRIDAY night. This ensures the attendances are at CCS for processing over the weekend and improves the odds that CCS payments will be received on Monday. Ensure you have reviewed the rolls for each day before the end of Friday so that accurate data is sent to CCS.

Send Statements

Schedule your statements to go out weekly on TUESDAY. This caters for late processing by CCS when they have weekend outages. The statement date range will always be the same length as your schedule cycle so a weekly statement will include any transactions in that 1 week; including charges, payments, miscellaneous fees, adjustments or CCS/ACCS.

Submit Direct Debit Batch

Schedule your direct debit batches to go out on WEDNESDAY night. The arrival of the statement the day before serves as a reminder to the parent. If the parents are given a steady schedule they know what to expect.

Create Projection Batch

When the Fee Projection scheduler runs it will always create projections for as many weeks as your projection cycle, starting either 1 or 2 WEEKs AHEAD of when the batch is run.

If billing on a 1 week cycle but 2 weeks ahead you will need to create the first week manually then set the schedule to run weekly 2 WEEKs AHEAD. Set the schedule to run on TUESDAY to be included in the statements and direct debit runs. If a Projection schedule runs on the same night as any other action it always runs first so its safe to run projections and statements on the same night.