#### The list of services within one organisation in the system. Each admin will have their service or their service list, the content may vary according to the services you have access to.
Note: varies if you have a single service, or multiple under one organisation.For a single service, the page is automatically directed to the specified Service Home page.

The ‘Services’ menu includes the service’s profile page. It includes the following functions that can be customised according to the Centre’s needs: ### Session Codes

These are the assigned fees added to the bookings in the enrolment process. When creating a new code you will see the following:

Code- Chosen name of session code.

Session fee- How much will be charged for this session.

Start time- The start time of the session.

End time- The end time of the session.

Inactive- Used to disable the session code when no longer being used.

Public- Tick the button to allow parents to see this session in their booking request form. Untick this box if you want to hide this session and prevent parents selecting it.

Is hourly rate- Tick the button to enable charging the session code on an hourly rate.

Formula Settings - Fee reduction provided by State or Territory for vulnerable or disadvantaged families. Use gross fee in the session reports to CCS Add the applicable formula to the session.

Age Groups

This tab is used to customise the groups of the children. May vary according to Operational capacity and educator to Child Ratio


The grouping of children within the service, children’s bookings and sessions are set up based on their room.

Name- The desired name for the room. Recommended to be less than 10 characters to ensure it displays properly on reports and dashboards.

Colour- Create a colour for each room. The colour code appears on the main service screen of the room.

Capacity- Maximum number of children in the room.

Age Range- Assigned children’s age range assigned to the room.

Room Type- Room types allow non-contact rooms to be set up for rostering and timesheets.

Belongs to- Allows rooms to be linked together.

Educator to Child Ratio- Used to determine the desired ratio of staff to children in the room.