Creating a new session code

To create a new session code (fee) click on the “add new session code” button, and fill in the form.

Updating an existing Session Code

You can click on the session code’s name to change an existing session code’s hours, make the code active/inactive, public (true or false), an Hourly Rate, and/or to add a formula.

Changes saved, will update the session code and bookings immediately, however, be mindful that the change will take effect the next time sessions are generated for the roll.

Alternatively, to update a session code’s hours or other attributes effect in the future, create a new session code. However, you must then end date existing bookings and create new future dated bookings with the new session code.

SmartCentral’s help on Session Formulas can be found here

Updating a session Code’s Fee Amount.

To update the fee amount, click on “update fee”. You can update the amount immediately, or set a future date. All bookings will be updated with the new fee amount on the date of effect, and will update the rolls next time they are generated.

Notifying Parents of Fee changes

Prior to changing session codes, you can notify the parents via email. SmartCentral’s help to send Emails to parents, can be found here

Enrolment CWAs and MYGOV post a session code change

When you create a new fee or update an existing fee and the change becomes current:

  • You must edit/save enrolments with permanent bookings, to push the change through to MYGOV. The parent can then confirm the change.
  • You can update & email CWAs to the parent
  • You can update operational hours (if changed) on Child Care Finder.
  • send your changed fee schedule to MYGOV

Note CWA’s have two dates. Top right is the agreement date - which comes from the Enrolment start date. And the start date on the booking. So if you update the current session code (fee) and that updates current bookings, you need to update the start date of the booking for the CWA to capture the start date of the updated fee.

SmartCentral’s help to update MYGOV with your fee schedule changes, can be found here

Session Code Changes - Notes

Varying an attendance prior to the Session Code “date of effect”

If you vary an attendance prior to the session code change, and for example add a session, the session will pick up the relevant rate for the date.

‘Date of effect’ though ONLY apples to fee rate changes, so you would have to edit a back dated “add” session, to put the hours back to what they were prior to a change.

So that is just something to keep in mind

Changing the Current Session Code

The “update fee” schedules the “date of effect” of the change and therefore can be completed as soon as you know the date you want the fee rate to change.

On the “date of effect” all the bookings attached to the session code changing, will have the rate also change, then the generation of the rolls will happen as usual. ie. the sessions on the rolls & therefore attendance sessions will change because the bookings changed. And any add sessions (for casuals) will pick up the new rate from the “date of effect”.

The day before the change (or the friday if “date of effect” is a monday) pick a time when you are happy the rolls are marked for sign in & absences. After that time, you can make any session code name and hour changes.

Names will only change on current bookings with that session code and future sessions, no submitted sessions in history will have their session code renamed.

Hours will only change on the relevant bookings and future sessions, no submitted sessions in history will have hours updated, unless as specified above you vary and add a new session.

Any changes to session codes with bookings, will update those bookings with the changes. Any new session codes created, will need to have new bookings created to pick up the new session code.