In some situations the rate you wish to charge for a session will depend upon how many other sessions of the same type are present in the week.

Examples of this include:

1) Queensland Kindy Funding Scheme (QKFS) where the centre directs some or all of the funding to cover attendance charges but the child must attend a minimum of 3 sessions to qualify

2) Multi Session Discounting where a centre may provide the parent a discount to the session rate but only if the child attends at least 4 sessions in that week

To provide this capability we have provided session formulas that allow you to set the session charge based on whether a criteria has been met or not.

There a 2 pre-defined values provided for use in the formula

session_count : this is the number of sessions of that specific session code for that enrolment in that week base_rate : this is the applicable normal rate for that session code

Example 1

If the child attends 3 or more sessions of Kindy in the week then I want to apply a $30/wk discount but spread evenly over all the sessions attended.

if (session_count > 2, base_rate - 30 / session_count, base_rate)

Example 2

If the child attends 4 or 5 sessions in the week then apply a 10% discount otherwise charge the full fee.

if (session_count > 3, base_rate * 0.9 , base_rate)

Things to Note

  • If the formula is left empty then it just uses the standard rate
  • The formula works off the base rate that applied on that day so understands fee increases
  • sessions are only counted if they are from the same session code and same enrolment so for example BSC and ASC sessions are counted separately and split enrolment (shared care) are counted separately

Formulas can only be edited by support. If you think formulas are relevant to your service contact the support team to discuss.