Services using SmartCentral have the option to enable digital sign in by their parents. This allows parents to digitally sign their child / children in and out for the day. If using digital sign in, the staff view of the roll is synchronised so they can see which children are signed in or out.

Each parent is assigned a unique pin to be used as their electronic signature on the digital roll. It is important to remind parents this is their personal signature and should no more be shared than the pin of their bank account.

The digital roll can be used from any internet capable device but must be set up by a staff member at the beginning of the day. While most services are using tablet devices such as android tablets or iPads, it is perfectly possible to use a PC or laptop. The device does not need to be particularly powerful so any old PC / Laptop will probably do as long as you can install a modern browser on it. We recommend Chrome.

To launch the digital sign in:

  1. Log in to SmartCentral on the device you wish to use
  2. Navigate to the daily roll
  3. Click the Digital Attendance button at the top right
  4. If required select the room