Digital Sign In

Digital Sign In allows parents (and others a parent has authorised to collect their child) to digitally sign their child in and out each day using their own PIN.

PINs are created automatically when the contact’s information is added to SmartCentral. A separate and unique PIN is created for Parent 1 , Parent 2 (if enterred) and each Authorised Nomminee who is ‘authorised to collect’.

It is important to remind parents their PIN is a personal electronic signature and should no more be shared than the pin of their bank account.

Parent 1 is the primary account holder and can see all assigned PINs from the parent portal under the Enrolments tab. They are responsible for giving Parent 2 and all authorised contacts their PIN.

Staff can see all active PINs asociated with a child’s enrolment from the Contacts tab on the child’s profile.

To make it easier to quickly get your parents up and running with digital sign in the process of signing in digitally has been made as close as possible to signing a paper roll. Parents and Nominees select the child on the roll and are then prompted to enter their unique PIN.

We have also provided a way to export all Parent 1 PINs into a CSV so you can quickly assist those parents having trouble remebering their PIN in the first week.

The digital roll can be used from any internet connected device but must be set up by a staff member at the beginning of the day.

While most services are using tablet devices such as android tablets or iPads, it is perfectly possible to use a PC or laptop. The device does not need to be particularly powerful so any old PC / Laptop will probably do as long as you can install a modern browser on it. We recommend Chrome.

The staff view of the roll shows updated sign in and sign out so staff can see which children are signed in or out and by who.

Starting up Digital Sign In

To launch the digital sign in feature:

  1. Log in to SmartCentral on the device you wish to use
  2. Navigate to the daily roll:
    • Services (select a service for those with multiple services)
    • Rolls
    • Select the Date for SignIn - defaults to today’s date
    • Right click on the Digital Attendance Sheet (top right), and Open Link in a New TAB

Navigate to the Daily Roll 3. If required select the relevant room

Using Chrome - How to secure your tablet for Digital SignIn:

  1. Once you have opened the Digital Attendance Sheet, delete all other open TABs you have opened. That is leave only the Parent Digital Attendance Sheet TAB open
    • Click on the three dots (top right)
    • Select history from the drop down box
    • Select history again
    • Select clear browsing data

Navigate to the Daily Roll

See the screen shot below on what to select to ensure all history, cached images & files, passwords and auto fill data is removed from your laptop, or tablet

Navigate to the Daily Roll

Then close any open TABs, leaving only the Parents Digital Attendance Sheet TAB.

Navigate to the Daily Roll

Parents can now securely use the tablet to sign in their child.