SmartCentral allows you to set up web profiles for your organisation. Depending on your needs you may set up a profile per service or a single profile for all of your services. Its quite common to take a mixed approach and set up a separate profile per service type (for example if you have multiple vacation care services its convenient to group them into 1 web profile so parents can combine them in a single application).

Before we start with the setup of your web profile check you already have your logo and background colour scheme set.

Go to Account > Setup Org > Setup

  1. Load your logo file - this will be used on your web profile and also inserted into statements. Any standard image format will work. Mainly you will have a .png or .jpg file. Keep in mind this image needs to be able to fit in the top left corner of your statement so should be no larger than 360px by 120px for best results.
  2. Select a Colour by clicking on the colour bar and choosing a colour that matches or contrasts your logo main colour
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the form and click save

The simplest case is where you have a single service and therefore only need 1 profile page.

Single Service

Go to Account > Setup Org > Profiles . A default profile will already exist called All

Select Edit Profile, some sample formatting will appear that you can overwrite with your details.

Multiple Services

Go to Account > Setup Org > Profiles . A default profile will already exist called All that you should edit as you would for a single service. You can opt to choose individual services and add new profiles for each (an example is one profile for BSC/ASC and another for VAC), or choose all of your sevices on the main profile with links to each new profile you create, and disable applications on the main page, directing parents to each service seperately. The support team can advise what solution will work best for your business and assist you with the set up.

To add new profiles select Add New Profile, give the new profile a name and select the service/s you want to direct parents to apply at.