When to submit an IS Claim

IS Claims must be submitted on the same day or after the relevant attendance is submitted.

The CCMS IS Claims processing job runs in the small hours of the morning and goes looking for the related processed attendance. The IS Claim will be rejected if the CCMS job doesn’t find its related attendance.

Finding an IS Case

Under the relevant Service, click CCS. Then select the IS Cases TAB. An IS Case will only appear if SmartCentral detects an IS Case associated with that service.

IS Cases in the Enrolment List

Open the Enrolment, click on the IS Cases TAB, select the latest IS Case (review dates will tell you latest one) by clicking on the ISCaseId.

SmartCentral IS Cases

Creating an IS Claim

From the IS Case tab, click on the IS Claims tab.

If there are any existing IS Claims, they will be listed similarly to the attendances list, with a blank status field (not yet submitted) or a status field of Submitted or Processed.

To create an IS Claim, click on Case Claim:
* If the Additional Educator has a personnel record they will be listed on the IS Claim. If they dont appear on this list you will need to add them to the personell list. See Add an Additional Educator for IS Claims for how
* Fill in the relevant IS Claim fields, then the hrs next to the relevant educator. You can have more than one educator on the IS Claim. You cannot claim more that the allocated care hrs per day
* See the IS Case for care details