Auto Schedule of Weekly Attendances

To add a schedule to automatically submit your weekly attendances go to this help

Manually submitting Your Weekly Attendances

To submit your Weekly Attendances go to Services > Weekly Attendances page, tick the box next to ID to select all attendances, or tick the box next to specific attendances and the Submit/Vary/Cancel buttons will appear. Click on Submit to submit the selected attendances.

This will start the submission process which will take a few to several seconds to complete depending on how busy CCMS is at the time.

If there are any problems with the submission the error message failed to submit will be displayed on this screen. Hover your cursor over the red error to see what the error is, rectify the errors and click submit again.

Why Can’t I edit a submitted Attendance?

You can’t change a submitted attendance without first varying it - see below how to vary an attendance individually or in bulk.

What happens to a Parent’s balance in Edit?

When you vary (editing) an attendance, the full charge is removed from the parent’s balance and doesn’t go back on to their balance until the attendance is resubmitted.

When does CCS know about a varied attendance?

CCS will not know you have varied an attendance until the attendance is resubmitted.

At that point the original CCS is withdrawn (similar to a cancel), the attendance is reprocessed, and the CCS due to be paid is assessed.

If the original CCS paid is the same post resubmit, it will look like it hasn’t been withdrawn If the original CCS paid is too low, the original CCS withdrawn will be repaid, back dated and additional CCS will be paid with a new reprocessed date. If the original CCS paid is too much, the original CCS withdrawn will be repaid back dated, and the difference will be withdrawn.

To Cancel an attendance at CCS end you must use CANCEL and not Vary - See cancel section below

Amending a Submitted Attendance

You Can’t vary a No Care submitted Attendance

Important Note: You cannot vary/edit a NOCARE session report (attendance), it must first be cancelled, then varied, then resubmited. If you vary it and then submit you will get the following error and you will need to ask support to fix it.

CCS returned reason: R003806 Cannot use ‘INIT’,’VARY’,’NOCARE’,’NOCHG’ Action on NOCARE Session Report (failed to submit)

For all other attendances you wish to edit: see below for how to vary/edit/resubmit an individual attendance or how to vary/edit/resubmit in bulk

Varying an individual attendance

Go to the enrolment screen -> find the child -> open the enrolment, go to attendance TAB, select the individual attendance to vary (edit), select vary, make changes, submit from the individual attendance.

Once an attendance is in edit mode (post varying the attendance) you can edit a session in the attendance or add a session to the roll (which in turn adds it to the attendance) or delete a session. Then resubmit it.

Varying attendances in bulk

If you submit everyone’s attendance and need to make a bulk change (eg forget it’s a public holiday, or forget to add a Misc Fee in bulk)

1.Go to the Weekly attendance screen.
2.Select the correct week ending

Weekly Attendances

3.Select the square next to ID (left hand side) and vary will appear (along with submit & cancel) 4.Select vary this will vary all attendances 5.Make bulk changes to all attendances the square again next to ID 7.Resubmit all attendances

If you need to ADD a session, delete all sessions you do this by navigating to the Roll for the day in question and adding the session there.

Cancelling a Submitted Attendance

You can also cancel attendances from the weekly attendance screen following the same process ie select the attendances you wish to cancel then click the CANCEL button.

Only use CANCEL if you want to withdraw the attendance completely. If you only wish to change a submitted attendance record use the VARY process.

Attendances from a Prior Financial Year

After the reconciliation period is over (usually 3 weeks into the new financial year) you cannot change attendance information from the prior financial year without first getting DSS approval.

If you attempt to make a change you will get the following error New attendances for not permitted.

Public Holiday Processing

Attendances can only be submitted as soon as the last session of care for the week has commenced even if this session is being marked as an absence.

So if you normally submit attendances on a Friday, but that happens to be a public holiday then you can only submit the week’s attendances on the Thursday if you will not be charging for the Friday (no Friday session in that week).

If you intend to charge for the public holiday you must wait at least until Friday to submit the weekly attendances for any children with Friday sessions.

If you attempt to submit attendances early that have Friday sessions in them all such attendance records will fail to submit and you will see the following error message “Session of Care Date cannot be in the Future”. You will need to resubmit these attendances on Friday or after.

Thursday Submission

Uncharged Public Holiday
  • If you do not charge for a public holiday (ie you would delete a public holiday’s sessions) then on Thursday update the rolls for Mon to Thursday as normal and bulk submit the week’s attendances as normal;

  • Make sure the weekly attendance date is for the current week

Monday Submission

Submitting Weekly Attendances on a Monday when the previous Friday was a Public Holiday.

If you normally submit attendances on a Monday or you usually do it on a Friday and you are charging for the session, then you can submit the previous week’s attendances as normal, you just need to ensure Friday’s sessions on the roll represent your services public holiday policy.

Uncharged Public Holiday

If you do not charge for a public holiday:

  • Update the rolls for Mon to Thursday as normal.

  • On Friday’s roll Delete all sessions


  • Bulk submit the week’s attendances as normal
Charged Public Holiday

If you do charge for a public holiday:

  • Update the rolls for Mon to Thursday as normal.
  • Go to Friday’s roll
  • Mark all absent
  • If you need to change all session codes to a public holiday code then use Bulk Edit
  • Go to the weekly attendance screen and select the correct week ending date
  • Bulk Submit to DSS