SmartCentral’s timesheet system allows you to manage and collate timesheet information collected through staff sign in process.


Organisation Settings

Basic settings related to timesheets are located in Account > Setup Org in the block labeled ‘Ratio’

Timesheet week ends on - Specify which day of the week you wish the timesheet period to end on. Default is Sunday . Please note that if you change this setting it will only affect timesheets from that date forward and if the change is made in the middle of a week then that week’s timesheet will be split.

Timesheet Hours Rounding - Specify if recorded times are rounded to the nearest 15 min period per activity or per day

Activity (Room) Settings

A wide range of staff activities can be tracked through the SmartCentral timesheet system. These activities are defined in the same way (and on the same screen) that Rooms are set up since being on duty in a room is the main activity for an educator.

The setting in the room configuration that has particular relevance for timesheeting is

Room Type - Specifies if the room is a contact (supervison) activity , a non-contact activity or for an unpaid break.

For example normal rooms would be ‘Contact’ whereas programming would be ‘non-contact’ and lunch might be ‘non-contact’ or ‘unpaid break’ depending on your arrangements.

Adminstrator Functions

Note : NTR means No Time Recorded, ie a sign-in or sign-out time is missing for 1 or more activities for that educator on that day. The sign in/out time will need to be adjusted before hours can be calculated correctly.

Review Timesheet Summaries

Submitting Timesheets for Staff Review

Adjusting Timesheets

Downloading Timesheet data

Staff Functions

Review and Approve a Timesheet

Request a Review of a Timesheet