Cancelling attendances will remove any attendances charges from the old parent 1’s transactions TAB, and therefore their balance

Find the parent, (People -> Parents), select Old Parent, go to Transaction TAB. .

If the old enrolment had an incorrect parent then, old Parent 1 wont have had any CCS to be withdrawn.

Therefore what remains as the parent’s balance, are any payments made to date by old parent 1, and thus they will be in credit.

Make a negative payment for the entire amount in credit with a note that the balance is being transferred to new parent 1.

Then make a payment for the same amount to new Parent 1, thus transferring the payment credit to the new parent/child.

This will mean that once the new enrolments attendances are submitted, the credited payments transferred will be absorbed by the attendance charges.

Note: You can only do this if old parent 1 and new parent 1 are from the same immediate family. There was an example of the child being looked after by the Grandmother. The mother (parent 1) had become in credit from cancelled attendances but the credit had to be legally repaid to the mother, even though the G’mother looked after the child, with no CCS, for the period the attendances were cancelled.)