To Update the Daily Roll

Go to Services and click on Rolls

On the Roll screen enter the date you want to amend in the date field and select the action you would like to perform by selecting a function from the menu bar located under the date field;

  • Delete All Sessions: To be used when not charging for a public holiday
  • Mark All Absent: To be used when charging for a public holiday or the service is shut
  • Bulk Edit: Used to update every session with the same type or code
  • Add Misc Fees: add the same Misc Fee to all sessions
  • Add Session: Add a casual to the roll, only use on today’s date or in arrears. (Create a day booking for any future casuals)
  • Sheet: Print the attendance sheet for that date
  • Emergency List (for the relevant date. See extracts -> more reports -> Period Emergency List Report for an emergency report that covers a longer date period.)

You can delete or edit individual rows on the roll, mark children absent and sign children in/out if a parent has forgotten to do so..

Edit can be used to update the following fields (date, session code, room, fee, start time, end time, signed In time, Signed Out time, Session type, JET, Preschool Indicator.)

Whatever you update on the teacher’s roll (or the parent’s digital sign in sheet) is also updated on the weekly attendances and vice versa.