Operational Status

Services are able to submit more than one future dated operational profile for a given CCB approval to support known changes to their operating conditions e.g. school holidays and terms. Multiple future dated profiles can exist for a single CCB Approval, but each profile must have a unique date of effect.

Select the service > CCB > Update Operational Profile

Select a valid option from the drop list. Valid options are:

Operational - the operational status of your service will usually be Operational. This option would be selected for most replacement profiles submitted. You may be opened post closing for Christamas, changing your operating hours or the weeks per year you currently operate, etc.

Temporarily Closed - When you know you will be closed between specific dates you can create an operational profile using this status. The date of effect will be the date you plan to close your service. A second record can also be created where the date of effect is the date you plan to reopen. Both these records can be submitted at the same time. Typically you will create new operational profiles if you shutdown for the Christmas period. The operational status change reason would be Planned Closure.

You may also select this option if your service is temporarily closed due to an emergency, the reason for this type of temporary closure would be Unexpected Circumstances.

Closed - Select this option if your service is to close. You must notify DSS of your intention to close at least 42 days before the intended closure date. The Date of Effect should reflect the Closure date. If this option is selected you will also need to include an operational status change reason. This field will not display until all displayed fields have been entered and the new record is saved.

Transferred - If your service is being sold to a new owner or the business structure of your organisation is changing and a new CCB Approved operator is required you would select this option.

What next?

This is the minimal information you are required to enter prior to clicking on the Save button;

Date of Effect This is the key to your new record and this date determines the currency of when your service’s new profile is to become active. The date of effect must always be in advance. For example, if your operating hours are to change next month you can create and submit a new profile with the date of effect in one month’s time. It defaults to tomorrow’s date but can be overridden.

Hours/Week Enter the number of hours per week your service operates. If you are creating a replacement profile you must enter this information regardless of whether your operational hours per week are changing.

Weeks/Year Enter the number of weeks per year your service operates. If you are creating a replacement profile you must enter this information regardless of whether your operational weeks per year are changing.

Open/Close You must enter the Operator hours before you can submit this profile to CCMS.