Services sometimes need to maintain a waitlist of bookings for days for exisitng children in a way that’s easy to pull on to the roll when a spot becomes available.

1) Setup

  • Create a zero fee session code with an easily identifiable name
  • (Optional) create a separate room code

2) Adding a waitlist booking

  • Create the required booking for the child selecting the zero fee code
  • If a CCS service choose default session type of ‘CESSATION of CARE’ to prevent the session going to CCS by mistake

3) Modifying the waitlist booking

  • Days can be ticked in or out of the waitlist booking as needed just like a normal booking
  • The whole booking can be converted to a normal booking by changing the session code and default session type

4) Deleting the waitlist booking

  • End date or delete the booking as needed


  • The waitlist booking will appear on the admin roll and create a session when generated. The session will be marked absent.
  • The waitlist booking will be hidden on the parent roll.
  • The waitlist session on the roll can be edited into a normal session.
  • Waitlist sessions will remain on the roll unless manually deleted (eg filter and bulk delete).