CONFIRMing an enrolment

What the parent is agreeing to when they confirm the MYGOV enrolment notice is that they agree they have requested care from the Service (the enrolment states that) and that they agree to the session codes, and start date of care (the booking contains that).

Parent disputes the enrolment notice

CCS do not let you future date an enrolment start date, you would have had to put a start date of today (whatever date that was at the time) or in arrears. The booking though can be future dated.

The enrolment start date is not the start date of care, it’s the start date of the family applying for care - think of it like a shell - it contains the % & hrs per fortnight the family are eligible for CCS and other data, like absences, the service ID, etc.

The booking start date is the more important than the enrolment start date, that is the start date of care, that is the start date for receiving CCS if they are eligible, that is the start date for paying any remaining Parent GAP.

Parent disputes the CASUAL session rate

The MYGOV enrolment notice has a casual session on the MYGOV enrolment notice. CCS technical specs state that if the system (SmartCentral) puts the highest rate that could possibly be charged on the MYGOV enrolment notice (ie your highest session code) then the service staff (you ) do not need to push every single casual session through to MYGOV for the parent to CONFIRM. The highest rate is chosen as we do not know which session code you will assign for a casual session, should one be asked for. There is also a condition that states on SC’s CWA that you will only be charged the casual session rate you book for.

Once that is explained to a parent they normally CONFIRM the enrolment notice, but you have to restart the Disputed enrolment first.

Parent Disagrees with the booking

Update the booking to reflect what the parent does agree to.

Undisputing An Enrolment;

  • Speak to the Parent to find out why they disputed the MYGOV Enrolment Notice.
  • If the explanations above satisfy the parent, undispute the enrolment (see below)
  • If the booking is the issue, update the enrolment’s booking and undispute the enrolment (see below)

To undispute the enrolment;

  • Select the relevant enrolment
  • Click on Edit
  • Type a reason, eg. Fix Dispute
  • Choose Overwrite Notice Type 200D
  • Save

Enrolment should now be back to status PENDIN, then the parent can confirm it on MyGov.

Let support know in chat if you get an error undisputing this enrolment, and we will take a look. There used to be a CCS bug that didn’t allow you to undispute an enrolment if there was no booking change. We have a way to get around this issue. Cross fingers though, by the time you need this information, the bug is fixed.