updated process for migrations Jan 2018

CCB Approved Services

  1. Create Org
  2. Attach Service Approval
  3. Resolve Informals
  4. Run attendance import
  5. Run booking auto create
  6. Run balance reset
  7. Import Transfer amounts
  8. Import parent emails
# set all balances to zero
# in ruby console

Organisation[9999999].parents.each {|v| Payment.create(amount: v.balance, parent_id: v.id, payment_date: Date.parse('2020-01-01'), notes: "Migration balance adjustment", src: 'other', src_ref: 'migration_2_sc') }

# 9999999 is the organisation id
# payment_date can be today (Date.today)
# notes and src_ref can be changed (but give it something uniq, can be easily deleted if by mistake)
# to get balance at, call balance with a single param v.balance(Date.parse('2018-01-01'))

# auto generate bookings, and session codes, and rooms.

cd /home/bitnami/ccms_prod

RACK_ENV=production bundle exec rake auto_bookings[service_id]

e.g. rake auto_bookings[1000000]