FDC’s will have the ability to record if a child is related to an educator for reporting purposes:

As an admin , I can access a child’s profile and specify a ‘related educator’

Alternative Booking Summary Report option:

We implemented this alternative layout for the Booking Summary Report as an aid to centres transitioning from QK / XPLOR. added columns: Child DOB, p1 first, p1 last, p1 mobile, p2 first, p2 last, p2 mobile

To switch to this layout, select “classic” from “style” dropdown

NEW KIOSK ONLY. Sign out options wording change.

To avoid confusion: We have changed “sign out” to “confirm”. We have removed the “absent” option from sign out.

NEW KIOSK ONLY. Filter child list by session code

As an ADMIN, when I access the child list “Session Code” is available as a filter option.

Will not display the session codes , just to be able to filter by them.