Online Application

The best way to swap parents is to get the correct parent to fill in an online application. When approving select the new parent and the existing child. Then you can cleanup the attendances as detailed below. Even if initially you set up the new enrolment manually (as shown below) it would be useful to re-enrol the parent to link the new parent’s email to the child’s new enrolment & to ensure any contact details, health etc are up to date.


If you have the incorrect parent as Parent 1, you can only change the incorrect parent to the correct parent (on parent 1) if you have not submitted it to CCS with a CRN.

You also cannot change a DOB post submission to CCS.

Once you have submitted the enrolment to CCS with a CRN/DOB, you cannot change the first/last name and CRN/DOB of Parent 1 to the other parent. This will not work within CCS and you will get an error.

Instead set up a new parent (People -> Parent -> New Parent), link the new parent to the existing child (Add new enrolment), set up the booking, and submit the enrolment.

Delete the booking from the old enrolment, exit the old enrolment to the last Sunday of any submitted attendances.


Cleaning up Attendances

Find out from the eligibility letter when CCS started, if eligible, and then ask support to copy all relevant attendances (that would get CCS) from the other parent’s enrolment to this new enrolment.

If relevant, cancel these attendances on the old enrolment, back to the date the new Parent is eligible for CCS.

Check and then submit the attendances (from the CCS eligibility date) on the new enrolment (Correct parent 1), up to the last copied attendance.

Delete any attendances that won’t get CCS, these are still submitted on the old enrolment, and won’t be cancelled.

Make sure the booking is correct (on the new enrolment) so the rolls generate attendance sessions for the new enrolment from tomorrow, and make sure this week’s attendance has all the correct sessions on it up to and including today’s date. If you need to add any missing ones, go to the rolls and “add session”, making sure you choose the correct new enrolment (the correct parent 1)

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